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My fiction ebooks.

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  • - - - Or purchase direct from me through Gumroad at this link... Final Decree. A Dead Dog Divorce

    A thieving wife, Elspith Winters, loots their joint bank accounts then convinces her friends her husband is having an affair in order to cover her tracks. Despite the years of planning she did in preparing for her Final Decree, she never once considered being outwitted by a smart female lawyer.

    A story of one hellish divorce, based in part on real events, and a cautionary tale for both men and women.

  • - - - Or purchase direct from me through Gumroad at this link... Dopey Stories

    "Dopey Stories" is a collection of 7 short stories: Bob the Road Painter, Minnie Tushi meets her love in Bald Knob, Bob and the Dickheads, An Ordinary Man, The Dumb Clucks Who Caused All The Trouble, Sal Acious meets Tim Orous, and The Beautiful Ms. Ann Thrope.

  • - - - Or purchase direct from me through Gumroad at this link...Joint Effort

    It's the 1960's and drugs are making inroads into schools. There is a demand for drugs, so a group of high school friends begin selling pot and hash to their friends. From that humble beginning, this story leads you through how they expanded their operation, how they cleaned their cash, how they moved their product, and how they later built their underground bunkers for pot production. This ebook contains course language.

  • - - - Or purchase direct from me through Gumroad at this link...Buy This Book. Make Me A Millionaire.

    A perfect gift for someone who has everything, and for those who want absolutely nothing. What’s inside the book? 23 pages of “Nothing Here But My Thanks”, and now and then an image of a kiss or something similar, images of an animal or animals, some pithy words under the pictures, and some other stuff. I think the words under the pictures are pithy but you may think otherwise. To be completely honest, for it is your money and not mine, (well, not mine until you buy this ebook and then a smidgeon of your money becomes mine, but that is beside the point) inside are pictures of dogs and other animals, which every advertiser will tell you is necessary for bonding the viewer to your product or service. So let’s bond. You buy, I’ll accept your offer to bond and throw in some animal pictures plus some words you’ve probably never before seen beneath a picture.